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‘Prophet of Doom’ sprays insecticides on congregants for healing

A South African pastor has taken the internet by storm with his healing ministry by use of an insecticide.

Prophet Lethebo, who also calls himself “Detective”, posted an update on his Sunday service happenings sparking outrage on Facebook.

Some users mocked him calling him a literal “Prophet of Doom” as others warned Christians on false prophets.

Lethebo shared a testimony on his Facebook page from a congregant, Mrs Mitala, who claims she was healed of ulcers after the pastor sprayed doom on her.

The viral post that has been shared over 1,000 times had a photo of the woman as she came into contact with the insecticide which usually has a caution for users to avoid body contact.

Mrs Mitala could be seen with her eyes tightly shut as the Prophet sprayed doom on her face.

The update was followed by other posts of congregants lying down with a caption that the Prophet commanded demons to get into their bodies so that they can manifest and he casts them out with the doom still at hand.

The series of posts have sparked outrage among South Africans online: