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Prophet Owuor’s church holds repentance prayers for ‘evil media’

Ministry of Repentance and Holiness Church has discounted a media story about a recent miracle mission by its top leader in Nigeria.

The church, which is led by Prophet David Owuor, held a repentance service late this week in Nakuru for what it termed as “repentance because of blackmail and defamation of the Nation Media Group.”

According to information on a YouTube clip posted by the church on the internet, the repentance service was attended by more than 17,000 pastors from all over the nation.

“One of our papers, the Nation newspaper and Taifa Leo made a publication which is slander and defamation. They said the man of God, the mighty prophet of God, ‘miracle mission in Nigeria flops’” one of the speakers, presumably a pastor, says in the clip.

In the 7-minute clip, the congregation is lead through repentance prayers for what they termed as an “evil media”.

The church’s move is in response to a story that was carried by Nairobi News earlier in the week attributed to a Nigerian website’s coverage of Prophet Owuor’s tour of the West African country.

The same story was also published by the Daily Nation’s sister paper, Taifa Leo.


The church, through one of its leaders, Archbishop Paul Onjoro, has also sought to confirm Prophet Owuor’s successful mission in Nigeria.

“What you published on your website and newspaper amounts to lies. The mighty prophet of God had a successful mission in Nigeria where he performed many miracles. Also, no such incident happened at the airport (Murtala Mohammed International Airport) as alluded in the story,” Archbishop Onjoro told Nairobi News on phone on Friday evening.

To further prove that Prophet Owuor actually performed miracles and wonders in Nigeria, the church has uploaded numerous YouTube links of testimonies by people who were reportedly healed during the man of God’s visit to the West African country.

Some of the people in the clips testify of being healed of spinal injuries, partial blindness, bad hearing, broken limbs and diabetes.

In one of the clips, Prophet Owuor is seen prophesying about rainfall from heaven at a prayer meeting.

The clip later shows the prophet talking to some of his followers on the streets of Lagos before the heavens suddenly open as the Man of God celebrates the passing of his prophesy.