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Prophet Owuor dominates talk in KU

October 28th, 2013 1 min read

A visit by Prophet David Edward Owuor to Kenyatta University for a public lecture last week is still the talk of the institution.

From his grand entry to the university’s main campus off Thika Superhighway to fiery lecturer which turned into a preaching, the prophet left the students, lecturers and visitors with a lot to mull over for a long time to come.

Though the crowd started amassing from as early as Thursday morning, the man of God made his entry at 3pm.

And what an entry it was!

A convoy of nearly ten expensive cars including four-wheel fuel guzzlers sandwiched the sleek limousine that carried the prophet.

The security was also tight around the preacher. Anyone entering the venue was thoroughly frisked.

The search which was also extended to vehicles alike caused a huge traffic snarl up from the university gate to the underpass at Kahawa Sukari.

Uniformed police officers could also be spotted patrolling inside the university, ready to apprehend anyone who seemed to harbour devilish designs against prophet.

Even though the lecture had been scheduled to start at 2pm, the hall was already packed by 10am.

When he took to the podium at around 4pm, the crowd was bursting with anticipation. And he did not disappoint.

In his no-nonsense manner, Owuor delved into what everyone knows about campus lifestyle – drunkenness, earthly ambitions and sexual permissiveness.

He warned that such was a hindrance to the excellence God intended for them.

After he left, some students went to nourish the spiritual awakening at the chapel.

Others however, found their way to the drinking dens in the campus.

Let them say they weren’t warned.