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Prophet Victor Kanyari praises ex-wife Betty Bayo for co-parenting skills

Controversial preacher Victor Kanyari has publicly praised his ex-wife, gospel musician Betty Bayo, for her exceptional co-parenting skills.

Kanyari, who recently rose to fame on TikTok, praised Betty during a live session after a brief interaction with their daughter, Sky, who now resides in the US.

During the session, Pastor Kanyari spoke fondly of his children’s achievements and proudly revealed that he has been financially supporting their education.

“I am currently paying their school fees of almost one million Kenyan shillings every term,” Kanyari revealed.

Despite their separation in 2015, Kanyari described Betty as his best friend and stressed the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship for the sake of their children.

“Their mother (Betty Bayo) is my friend, she calls me and we talk. She is my best friend and we talk,” he said.

The Salvation Healing Ministry leader went on to encourage other parents to prioritise the welfare of their children, even after a separation.

“Let’s take care of the children even if we break up,” he urged.

While acknowledging that Betty had remarried, Kanyari also praised her new husband. “Even the husband is good,” he added.

But Pastor Kanyari also expressed his desire to find a new partner, saying:

“But I did not get a woman to marry. I want to get a wife and get married; that is all I want.

Reflecting on the reasons for their failed marriage, Kanyari admitted that they were young and immature when they tied the knot.

“Betty was the best woman I have ever met, but I think when we met we were both still childish,” he said in a previous interview.

“That is the main reason why the marriage did not work out, because Betty was not a bad woman. The age contributed to the break-up.”

Despite their past differences, Kanyari believes that both he and Betty have matured over the years and are now better equipped to make wise decisions for themselves.