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Prophetess snatches woman’s husband with beef stew

A 28-year-old man in Ciomburu village, Meru County has shocked villagers after leaving his wife and two children for a 62-year-old prophetess who offered him a meal of meat stew.

In an interview with Nairobi News the man recounted how he met the prophetess, who has three grown children.

“She sent me to the butcher’s to buy her a half a kilogram of meat. When I got there, however, I felt that it would not be enough and therefore I bought one kilogram instead,” said the man.

He said that when he went to the woman’s house to deliver the meat she invited him and she went ahead to prepare and serve the meal.

“Once I finished eating the food, I lost my desire to go home so I spent the night,” said the man who looked confused and stared blankly.

When he went back home the next morning, his wife demanded to know where he had been and he told her that he had spent the night at the prophetess’ house.


He told his wife he would be spending the night at the prophetess’ house and coming home in the morning to see her and the children.

That was the beginning of the breakdown of his marriage. The man and the prophetess have been since been in the come-we-stay union for the last two weeks.

“We did not fight or quarrel. He just left one evening, spent the night out there and came back the next morning saying he had been married by another woman,” said the man’s wife.

The wife has been forced to relocate from the matrimonial home to a rented house with her children.

“My husband told me the prophetess had told him that I would die and leave them to be together so I feared for my life as well as that of my children and left,” she said.

She said he told her he had seen it fit to go and live with the prophetess because her financial needs are little and because she never asked him for money.

Efforts by the man’s parents to dissuade him from abandoning his family proved futile. His family is now seeking divine intervention.