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Prosecutor arrested for receiving Sh30k bribe from rape victim’s family

By BRUHAN MAKONG November 24th, 2016 1 min read

A court prosecutor was arrested in Wajir on Wednesday for demanding and receiving a Sh30,000 bribe from complainants in a defilement case.

Francis Andai had received the cash from a couple in Kotulo area whose daughter had been defiled so that he could facilitate the prosecution of the case.

Wajir East OCPD Anthony Mbogo on Thursday said the complainants called the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission officers from Garissa who arrested the suspect.

“I can confirm that the accused was found in possession of the amount. The case is now with EACC,” said Mr Mbogo.

The OCPD added that from the evidence provided, the case had to be treated as a defilement or rape case not as an assault case since it involved a minor.