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Protesters disrupt traffic on Jogoo Road

Tens of rowdy youth took over Jogoo Road on Saturday morning and blocked vehicles from accessing the busy dual carriage highway in the city.

The incident is reported to have started at 10am and was still on an hour and a half later.

It is not clear what these youth, some of whom are armed with crude weapons were protesting over.

The youth lit bonfires on the road on the stretch around Uchumi Supermarket, a few metres from the Hamdza-Buru Buru turn off point and are reported to be looting from motorists and pedestrians.

Most of the traders along the route closed down their businesses for fear of attacks from the mob.

As a result, motorists were forced to divert to feeder roads or turn back since movement over the six kilometre stretch from City Stadium to the Outer Ring roundabout was almost impossible.

Police were yet to arrive at the scene two hours after the incident started.