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PSVs make a killing as Nairobians travel upcountry to vote

Jane Agot stands patiently at the Country Bus terminus, waiting to be handed her three tickets by an attendant of Eldoret Express bus. Next to her are her two children aged 9 and 13, sitting on some of their luggage.

Jane and her children are among many city dwellers making their way upcountry to vote in Tuesday’s General Election.

“I am still registered as a voter in Kisumu and that is why my family and I are heading home. I believe all will go well this elections,” she tells Nairobi News.

The bus station is a beehive of activity with conductors loading luggage on top of buses.

The case is the same for Jackton Mochama and his family. They came to Nairobi in 2019 when Mr Mochama secured a job at industrial area.

“My wife and I are registered voters in Kisii County and I do not want to miss the opportunity to exercise my right as a Kenyan citizen,” he says.

Others are making the trip upcountry for fear of violence breaking out after the elections.

“I am taking my family home so as to be at peace knowing that they are somewhere safe. Elections in Kenya have been an unpredictable affair, so I would rather be safe than sorry,” says one traveller.

With the upsurge of people travelling upcountry, some PSV companies have taken advantage of the situation to double fare in some routes. For instance, Nakuru shuttle operators are currently charging Sh1,000 for fare.

“We are just following orders, the fare to Nakuru is now Sh1,000. The demand is high, as you can see the vehicles here are few,” said one PSV operator.

Mass exodus from the city to upcountry is common a few days to the General Election. This is because a majority of people living in Nairobi have usually moved here for work purposes.