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PSVs to be restricted to two-hours drop off and pick up time limit at bus station

All matatus using Bus Station will no longer be allowed to stay at the terminus for more than two hours to drop or pick passengers.

The new directive comes after City Hall issued a notice of the new schedule following concerns that the Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) licensed to use the terminus near Afya Centre have turned the stage into other operations outside what is allowed.


Nairobi County Roads and Transport executive Hitan Majevdia said that matatu operators have turned the bus terminus into a garage, parking yard, car wash and holding grounds for unlicensed vehicles.

Majevdia warned hat matatus operators who will not comply with the new order will have their vehicles impounded.

“Notice is hereby given to all matatus that come into the grounds that they should leave within two hours, otherwise they will be impounded,” said Mr Majevdia on Monday.

He said County Inspectorate Officers will be deployed at the station to ensure that all PSVs operators follow the new directive.

The executive explained that the situation has resulted in a lot of traffic as buses come in and out of the bus station because some matatus have decided to use the grounds it for the wrong purpose.


“It has also come to attention that unlicensed vehicles are also using the grounds which is not allowed. This causes a lot of traffic because of the congestion,” he said after a visit to the stage.

Mr Majevdia said the two-hour limit will bring back sanity at the terminus as well as discourage overcrowding of the vehicles in the bus station.

He stated the measure is part of various efforts that are being implemented by the county government to ensure there is no congestion in the Central Business District.

“The two-hour limit will see matatus just dropping off and picking up passengers. This will help in decongesting the station as well as discourage idling of matatu operators,” he said.