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Drama as men block their wives from kicking out ‘husband snatcher’ from pub

To the women of Kabuta village in Murang’a, 28-year old Nancy Wairimu is an enemy who snatches their husbands and makes them spend cash on her.

But to men of the village in Kiharu constituency, she is a bar waitress who treats them well and is always available for them.

On Monday night, the women stormed Kuku Base Bar in the village to flush out Wairimu, but to their surprise, the men formed a human ring around the bar to prevent them from attacking Ms Wairimu.


The women claimed their husbands toil the whole day as casual labourers only for Wairimu to enjoy their sweat at the expense of their families.

“It’s our husbands who brag how beautiful the woman is but we want her to show us what she does to attract our men or she goes back to where she came from. She has contributed to our men negating their marital responsibilities,” said Mary Wanjiku, one of the women who camped at the bar.

Beatrice Nyawira said her husband lately comes home in the wee hours of the night and sometimes doesn’t come home at all leaving her with the responsibility of fending for their three children.

“She is a thorn in the flesh of many villagers here. A time has come for her to leave us with our husbands, we continue with the life the way we have been living,” She said.


The women claimed two men had so far committed suicide after being jilted by Wairimu, while others have sold livestock to sustain her flashy lifestyle.

But their efforts to flush out the youthful woman were thwarted by their husbands who blocked them from accessing the bar, accusing them of unfairly targeting Wairimu.

The men said Wairimu is understanding, has a clean heart and is cleaner than them.

John Kariuki, one of the men, said the young lady is grateful for any tip or for any favour, unlike his wife who keeps demanding for more money. Wairimu also smells good and applies make-up and cologne.

“If my wife has issues let her not attack that lady, let her ask me why I choose the lady over her. The bar woman has a good heart and knows how to handle and satisfy me morally and sexually,” Mr Kairuki told the Nation.

The pull and push  continued until Kimathi Chief Mary Wambui intervened. The chief has ordered the woman out of the village in order to restore calm and normalcy.

“I have given the bar owner three days to fire the woman and I have received the news that she is no longer an employee of the said bar. Women have been complaining about her but we hope peace and calm will return,” she told the Nation.


In her defence, Wairimu told the Nation that she has never snatched anyone’s husband.

“My fellow women should improvise on ways to keep their men despite the harsh economic times instead of trying to fight for their men who are not children.

“It’s sad that I have run for my life while I’m innocent but the men are still calling me promising their support to me,” the 28 year-old woman said.

She added that showering, brushing teeth and being polite to men was her secret to attract men, urging women to imitate her instead of hating her.