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Public outcry leads to seizure of overloaded matatu

An overloaded Public Service Vehicle, whose picture went viral on social media, has been impounded by the national Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA).

The matatu, which belongs to Meru Sacco, caused public outcry after pictures of it showing 28 passengers onboard were shared on social media.

Long distance Shuttles matatus are allowed to carry a maximum of 11 passengers, while similar matatus operating within town services have a maximum capacity of 14 passengers.


“This PSV has been impounded and will undergo motor vehicle inspection. We urge the public to report any vehicle operating outside the provisions of the law. If we all work together we can make our roads safe,” NTSA said on their Facebook page.

According to the Head of Communications at NTSA, Ms Dido Guyati, their action is in line with operations aimed at apprehending rogue motorists.

In a statement addressing road safety during the festive season, NTSA said that at least 180 people have died since December 1 as a result of road accidents across the country.

The accidents, they say, are as result of drivers’ error such as speeding, lane indiscipline, driving under the influence of alcohol, poor overtaking, animals, other road users or obstacles on the road.