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Publish my nudes, Millie Odhiambo dares blackmailer

Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo has dared a man who has blackmailing her that he would release her nude photos to make good his threats.

In a Facebook post, Millie revealed that a man called Elisha had warned her that he would give local media embarrassing photos of her unless she pays him off.

“Been away for a week on a visit to Israel by the Agriculture Committee. Upon return, one of the first messages I receive from a guy who calls himself Elisha is ‘Somthng damng is on my hands and getting its way to the media, jatelo this might taint ur image than ever and probably destroy your stalng political career, plus some nude pics from a guy u cnt expct. snd me ur mail i send u da stafs u see. Urgent’ (sic),” wrote the MP.

“I call the guy who speaks both English and Luo and who say his interest is to protect me and he is the one with whatever is meant to destroy me but I need to take care of him financially.”

But the Cord iron lady told off the blackmailer to go ahead and publish.


“In case you have never noticed, I don’t care much about what people think about my morality. Brand me a prostitute or whatever else pleases you. I don’t care,” she told him.

She went on: “I came into politics knowing I will be attacked on issues of morality and on sex and related issues. Please post whatever it is we get it over with including the nude photos.”

But this was perhaps the clincher:

“I was not born an MP. Where do people get off thinking I will die if am not an MP. Mara  irumo (you are finished), mara your career is going to be destroyed. Hell! Am a lawyer by profession and a damn good one at that. Post whatever it is and destroy my career! You or no one can hold me at ransom.”

The MP concluded: “I am only answerable to God. I am not paying you any money. Post whatever it is on social media and regular media.”

The MP was last December caught up in a similar storm during the heated debate of the controversial Security Laws when she claimed Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria boxed her and removed her panty.

Mr Kuria, however, said it’s Ms Odhiambo who removed the innerwear and threw it on the floor.