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Pupils warm hearts with nursery rhyme warning off paedophiles

February 7th, 2019 2 min read

A video of pupils singing a popular nursery rhyme with a message warning would-be paedophiles has won hearts on social media.

A teacher in an unnamed school decided to rendition the popular nursery song and turn it into a message that they would understand about their body -and be safe.

In the short clip, the group of children first identifies their private parts, warning anyone who touches them inappropriately that they will report them.

The first person to post the clip had intended to shame the teachers who taught them the rhyme.

However, many who watched the short clip agreed that it was a good idea to make them aware that it is not ok for someone to touch them on their private parts.

Here are some of the comments praising the message delivery and the person who came up with the idea.