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Puppets: Singer Bahati exposes rot in Kenyan gospel industry

Singer Bahati has voiced his concerns over the decline of the Kenyan gospel industry, asserting that it is no longer as strong as it was a decade ago.

The former gospel musician took to social media to express his views, suggesting divine favor has shifted to countries like Nigeria and Rwanda.

Bahati lamented that Kenyan evangelists, once favored, have succumbed to pride, and internal strife, and have become mere puppets.

“Kenya was and will continue to be a part of the gospel revival, but we may not be in a position to produce significant gospel brands as we did ten years ago. Why? Because God has shifted that favor to Nigeria and Rwanda,” Bahati stated.

He pointed to influential gospel artists from other countries as new leaders in the genre.

“We look up to people like Sinach and my friend Israel Mbonyi. It’s not that Kenya lacks good singers or good gospel songs, no. The truth is that the talents God nurtured in the church have turned into mutual hatred among themselves,” he added.

Bahati criticised the gospel industry for having more puppets than the secular world.

“There are more puppets in the church than in the secular world. When someone succeeds, people quickly unite to bring them down in the gospel industry rather than in Gengetone.”

Despite his criticisms, Bahati clarified that he seldom discusses church matters publicly to avoid accusations of seeking attention.

“I don’t like to talk much about church matters, and I know they know themselves. They will say I’m seeking attention, but the truth is I fear approaching this industry because I know how they hate each other,” he said.

Admitting that he is not more righteous than others, Bahati emphasised the need for humility and repentance within the gospel community.

“One thing I know is that we need to ask for forgiveness and stop being puppets so that God can take us to another level. Otherwise, I pray that God continues to lift Arbantone as we pretend to be deputies of Jesus and you are puppets,” he concluded.