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‘Queen of alcohol bills’ Mishi Dora tells how she ended up with Sh152k bill

Nairobi Diaries actress Mishi Dora has narrated how she ended up with a Sh152,000 bill from a city club that saw her being jailed for more than a month. The actress, whose real name is Dianah Clara Ojenge, has also recounted the hardships she underwent behind bars.

The actress-cum-socialite, who is famous for posting huge alcohol bills on social media, has been languishing in jail since early last month when she was arrested and charged in court for failure to settle the bill which she accumulated on expensive drinks.

“Look at my skin… nimekulwa na chawa,” she says in an interview with a local media station, as she displays the marks on her skin.

While recounting the incident, Mishi claims that on the material day, she was in a celebratory mood and the management of the said club actually offered her some free drinks. She claims that at some point someone, whose identity she doesn’t reveal, came around and offered to buy another round of drinks for her and the people she was partying with.

“I think that is where I went wrong by not confirming whether to pay for that round or they were free drinks,” she says.

According to Mishi, the first round of paid drinks was Sh46,000 but she didn’t bother to take stock of the subsequent rounds which she had not ordered for.

“I only drank one bottle, but I did not drink it alone,” she says, adding that the rounds of drinks that came to her table were four.

She also says that by the time they were done with the fourth round, her producer, who was expecting other cast members from Nigeria, said the guests had arrived and they needed to pick them up at the airport.

The actress claims that even then, the club didn’t mentioned any unpaid bills and actually took her home where she changed and drove to the airport.

Actress Dianah Clara when she appeared before the Kibera Law Courts. PHOTO | JOSEPH NDUNDA

When they arrived at the airport they found out that the Nigerian cast members were yet to arrive. According to the actress, the club still didn’t mention the bill even after she informed them that they would be partying again that night.

Tired of waiting for the guests, Mishi went home, only to receive a message from the club days later asking her to clear her bill. Shocked, she says she thought the bill was for the bouncers’ drinks.

That marked the beginning of her worst nightmare. She was subsequently arrested and arraigned before the Kibera Law Courts on June 3, 2022 for failing to pay a Sh152,550 bill at Golden Ice Bistro in Nairobi on the night of May 26 and the morning of May 27.

The court was told how the actress was served with two chicken breasts valued at Sh3,000, one cocktail valued at Sh2000, two bottles of 300ml soda valued at Sh500, a one litre bottle of drinking water valued at Sh400 and three bottles of an energy drink valued at Sh1,650.

Mishi is also reported to have ordered six bottles of Bellaire Luxe 750ml valued at Sh75,000 and seven Hennessey VS 750ml valued at Sh70,000 which she took with a group of friends.

The court granted her a Sh100,000 bond with an alternative cash bail of Sh50,000, but she says she ended up spending 38 days behind bars after she failed to raise cash for the bail.

Even after being released, the actress says is not okay, adding that she is currently putting up at one of her friend’s place while her children are still being sheltered in a children’s home.

“I’m not in my house. I’m trying to bounce back because I am a woman who does not give up easily,” she said while also disclosing that she is yet to clear the bill.

However, she says her priority now is getting back her children.

“How can I pay (the bill) when I do not have my kids yet?” she posed during the interview.