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Queen’s bank, Coutts honours Dahabshiil Chief Executive

The Queen’s bank Coutts in London has lauded Dahabshil’s Chief Executive Abdrirashid Duale for his contribution in the growth of the financial sector during the Platinum Jubilee beacon- lighting event.
Coutts invited Duale in appreciation of what it described as ‘the fantastic work’ he’s done in the financial sector.
Several other African business leaders were also invited to the celebration that was attended by The Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, The Queen’s personal representative in London.
Sir Kenneth Olisa, and the Minister for the Cabinet Office, Michael Ellis. Ambassadors, religious leaders and other dignitaries were also present.
Members of the House of Windsor, including The Queen and Prince Charles, participated in beacon-lighting events, where fires are lit across Great Britain to celebrate royal events such as weddings and Jubilees.
The Queen and her family have been great supporters of entrepreneurship in Britain and the wider world including Africa, creating trusts to support youth and encourage them to build strong independent lives for themselves through business.
While accepting the honour, Mr Duale said: “Dahabshiil embodies this spirit.”
He added:  “From small beginnings, we have built ourselves into a global business, creating jobs and supplying lifeline services whereby African diaspora communities can help their families and invest in businesses back home.”
The services provided by Dahabshiil are particularly vital now, with the worst drought in 40 years ravaging East and the Horn of Africa. People are more dependent than ever on financial support from relatives in the diaspora, especially with such a large proportion of humanitarian assistance going to Ukraine.
The Platinum Jubilee, which was celebrated across Britain and the Commonwealth, showed the unifying force of the 96 year old Queen.
With his global connections, entrepreneurial flair and passion for philanthropy, Mr Duale embodies this spirit, enabling Africans all over the world to help each other, to trade and invest, and to bring to fruition the best the continent has to offer.