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Quiet Kileleshwa attracts clubs

Kileleshwa is fast becoming a preferable destination for party-goers with several bars and clubs being established.

Over the years it has been known for being a quiet, green and somewhat exclusive neighbourhood for people whose pockets are bulging with money.

Things have since changed, as the construction of several apartments has brought with it a massive growth in population, mostly of the middle class.

This has in turn come with a high demand for entertainment spots. Kandara Road currently has four of the most popular clubs in Kileleshwa, making it abuzz every day of the week. Viva Lounge, Solar Garden, Nibs and Marto’s are all neighbours on the 150 metre stretch.

The latest sensation is Viva Lounge, which opened its doors to the public in September.

Despite stiff competition from its neighbours, the club has taken revellers by storm, and is packed with patrons just about every day of the week.