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Quincy Timberlake’s first wife speaks out – VIDEO

Quincy Timberlake may have had his shortcomings but being a killer is not one of them, at least this is according to his first wife Rose Mueni.

Speaking for the first time, Ms Mueni recounted her time together with Quincy, saying that theirs was a blissful union that unfortunately only lasted ten years.

“Quincy is an amazing person, people can pick just this one person out of the two and paint this other one as if they came from hell. And in the first place I could not have stayed with him for that long if he was an animal or a killer. Then he would have killed the children I have with him,” said Ms Mueni in an interview.

She added: “Quincy was a family man and he loves children and the children can attest to this. I wish they were here they could have said, he loves children. So when there is a contradicting story that he could kill one of his own blood then I am so afraid.”

When they met in college it was love at first sight, she said, and their courtship did not last long before they agreed to start a family.


The marriage came to an end ten years later when Quincy met former TV anchor Esther Arunga.

At the time, Ms Mueni had borne three children for Quincy.

“After staying with him ten years in marriage, I did not believe that a day would come that we would not be together.

“I went into denial when he left to marry Esther and I thought that I should maybe give him time and he would come back, because the person I knew and the person I am seeing are totally different,”

Her hopes for a reunion would never come to fruition as Quincy soon left the country for Australia with Arunga.

“When he got out of the country is when he sent me a text and he told me that he knows that it has not been easy for me but I should just know that I am a premiere class woman and there was nothing wrong with me,” she said.


Ms Mueni admitted that her separation with Quincy, and the media frenzy that followed his marriage with Arunga,  was not easy for their three children.

There was nowhere her children could take cover from the constant stares and questions from their friends, she said.

“It was hard for my children and it is to date, it has never been easy for them. They would go to school and because the story was all over they had friends who would ask those questions about their father.

“Emotionally they were abused and went through a trauma. And at times they just ask for the wellbeing of their father.”