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Punchy quotes from officials implicated in African football bribery exposé

African football is in shock in the wake of an exposé aired on BBC by an undercover journalist highlighting the corrupt dealings in the industry, including widespread bribery and possible match-fixing.

Ghana Football Association Kwesi Nyantakyi, Kenyan assistant referee Aden Marwa and his Gambian colleague Ebrimma Jallow are among those implicated.

But what exactly happened?

More important, what did these trio say during and moments after pocketing bribes?

Kwesi Nyatntakyi – Upon receiving a ‘shopping gift’ worth $65,000 (Sh6.5 million), he said:

“Thank you very much. Oh. Thank you very much. Thank you.”

On how the brokers (including himself) would share the loot from a proposed $50,000,000 (Sh5 billion) sponsorship deal for the Ghana Premier League he said:

“First, let me talk about the sponsorship. For the sponsorship, we will form a company to be the agency, and that company will be responsible for ensuring that the benefits of the Ghana Football Association promises are met. We can charge, 20%, 25%, then amongst us we agree that this person gets this percent. Everybody should be sorted out then there would be peace, you understand?”

Aden Marwa – He was offered $600 (Sh60,000) as a gift to build ‘friendship’. He said:

“You know, thank you for the gift but you know, the most important thing is our friendship, getting to know each other.”

Marwa also explained which Caf Africa Champions League referees can or cannot be approached.

“You know the tournament guys would not like to come and see you because a majority of them are junior referees so like they want to make a name for themselves. But don’t worry the guys from Morocco, I cannot promise that I will talk to all of them you know how they are they will listen and then report you.”

Ebrimma Jallow – was also offered $500 (Sh50,000) before stating;

“We first need to build some friendship and relationship, you know. It is not like you are bribing me, just that friendship is important and in this job you need friends to be able to function.”