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Rachael Ruto slammed for ‘donating’ Omo to starving Turkana residents

Deputy President William Ruto’s wife, Rachel Ruto, was on the receiving end on Wednesday after a picture showed her donating boxes of detergent to hunger-stricken residents in Turkana County.

The images shared by State House Secretary of Digital Communication Dennis Itumbi had Mrs Ruto shaking the hand of an official standing next to a canter full of boxes of Omo detergent.

“A donation by Mama Rachel Ruto in aid of fellow Kenyans facing hunger in Turkana and Baringo,” wrote Itumbi.

To be fair though, Omo was not the only item in her caravan. She also delivered other foodstuff including cooking oil and maize flour, among other items.

Netizens, however, appeared to have taken offence with the detergent and made their displeasure known.

Itumbi has since deleted the post.

Gregory Tatt said, “Is omo basic. Anyways better something than nothing. God bless her.”

Larryroson suggested, “Si wapewe chakula badala ya Omo.”

Aymangichuhi asked, “Omo as a donation is the biggest sarcasm ……Turkana people don’t have any clean water, wanahitaji omo ya mini?”

Rouzymaina wrote, “WTF! omo? I’m so done with this country.”

Newton commented, “Seriously omo will help with what now?? Those people don’t have clothes to wash…peana tu food tu akie mama Racheal.”

This is liloh said, “Omo sasa wanaenda kuosha nini turkana na ata Maji hakuna.”

It later emerged that the pictures were from 2014 when the DP’s wife made the trip to Turkana.