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Rachel Mbuki: Vera Sidika got illegal butt injections in a hotel room

Former beauty queen Rachel Mbuki took on socialite Vera Sidika in a no-chills attack on Instagram after the latter had reduction surgery.

In the attack seen by Nairobi News on October 6, Mbuki – who is based in Los Angeles – accused Sidika of undergoing illegal butt injections in a hotel room and lying about the costs of the cosmetic surgeries she underwent to enhance her butt and breasts.

“Vera Sidika needs to be honest with people. The type of side effects she’s highlighting only happen to people who had illegal butt injections where they inject silicone or biopolymers.

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Socialite Vera Sidika. PHOTO | COURTESY

That means that when she was saying she was in Beverly Hills getting a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), she was probably in a hotel somewhere getting illegal butt injections,” Mbuki began.

She went on to claim that in a BBL, one’s fat is transferred from a different part of the body to the booty while in illegal butt injections, “they are dangerous because the silicone travels and leads to major health complications forcing one to remove them.”

“If she had a BBL, there would have been no health risks after all this time. All she would have to do was to lose weight to reduce it as the Kardashians did.

If your illegal butt injections put your health at risk, don’t then start intentionally stigmatizing surgery dolls that did it correctly and paid good money to have it done the right way because now you don’t have the body you used to,” Mbuki additionally hit out at Sidika.

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Socialite Vera Sidika. PHOTO | COURTESY

She told Vera that her message should have been “never take cheap shortcuts” instead of “plastic surgery is bad”.

Mbuki also claimed that Vera had complications with the first set of breast implants she had and branded them cheap.

“If you can’t afford good plastic surgery, then stay natural and stop taking dangerous shortcuts to set standards. Period,” added Mbuki.

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Rachel Mbuki
Rachel Mbuki. PHOTO | COURTESY

In a further rant, Mbuki claimed Sidika lied about paying $10,000 for her breast implants in Beverly Hills while the rates were $15,000 at the most expensive.

“Now it’s a lot more frustrating to see her lying because she knew people were ignorant. Your lies have caught up with you. You should be embarrassed but I wish you happy healing.

You had a beautiful natural body. I wish you hadn’t gotten illegal butt injections. K Michelle highlighted her struggle removing them the right way. You should do the same and be transparent. But that would be too much like doing the right thing, wouldn’t it?” concluded Mbuki.

On October 5, 2022, Sidika broke the news on Instagram, saying she had removed the implants due to health reasons and arising complications. She has since endured ridicule and sympathy in equal measures since then.

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