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Rachel Shebesh’s husband hospitalised after gun drama at home

By NATION TEAM November 1st, 2017 1 min read

The husband of former Nairobi Women Representative Rachel Shebesh is under investigation after he allegedly shot himself in the leg.

Mr Franklin Ambundo, 52, told police that he had accidentally shot himself slightly above his left knee when he was servicing his Glock 17 rifle at their home in Nairobi on Tuesday.


He went to The Nairobi Hospital to seek treatment but an informer told the police that a patient with a gunshot wound was seeking treatment at the hospital.

“Officers from the Kilimani Police Station rushed to the hospital as is the norm, and established that the patient was a civilian gun holder and that he had discharged one round of ammunition injuring himself,” police said.

By press time, Mr Ambudo was still undergoing treatment at the hospital.

An officer privy to the investigations said that the pistol had been confiscated from Mr Ambundo.

Separately, at the city’s Kayaba slums, a man reported to police that his wife fell on a staircase, and “lost consciousness.”

She was rushed to the Mater Hospital where she was pronounced dead.


Elsewhere, police are struggling to identify of a man who was chopped to death, the body dismembered and the parts dumped in Wanyee.

A resident of Wanyee found a polythene with the remains at his backyard.

Officers from Riruta Police Station who visited the scene found the body parts

The hands and legs had been dismembered from the body.

“The scene appeared undisturbed and the bag was probably dumped there in the night,” according to a police report.

Police estimated the victim was 20 years old.