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‘Racist’ restaurant doubled up as a sex den for Chinese men

The Chinese restaurant in Nairobi’s Kilimani neighbourhood, infamous for its policy of not admitting Africans after 5 pm, also contained lodging rooms rented by Chinese men for quick sex romps.

Unknown to the public, the restaurant also had 16 self-contained rooms at the back which were frequented by Chinese men often accompanied by Chinese women.

Workers at the restaurant disclosed to our sister station NTV how clients would be charged Sh3,500 to use the rooms for between 30 minutes to one hour.

The Kenyan workers will then be told to clean up the rooms after the guests had left, which included picking up used condoms with bare hands.

“A man can come, mostly Chinese men, then he will pay. They pay Sh3, 500. He comes with a lady, they will use the room for may be 30 minutes or one hour,” one of the workers told NTV reporter Dennis Okari.

The restaurant's workers leave the premises after it was shut down by county officials. PHOTO | EVANS HABIL
The restaurant’s workers leave the premises after it was shut down by county officials. PHOTO | EVANS HABIL

“The cleaner will find the evidence (of what they have done). The women are Chinese.”

Another worker added: “Cleaners are made to pick used condoms with bare hands. Others improvise by using paper bags to pick up the condoms.”

The reporter found fresh dog meat hanged on beams in a kitchen that was reeked with filth.

Nairobi City County officials shut down the restaurant on Tuesday afternoon because its lacked three mandatory licenses.

The restaurant, according to the officials, did not have a health licence and a liquor sale license.

It also did not have a change of use license after it was converted from a residential house to a restaurant.

On Monday, officers from the Tourism Regulatory Authority and Tourist Police stormed the premises in Kilimani and found that the joint had been operating without a valid licence, contrary to the tourism law