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Radio host has ‘received 20 marriage proposals’

Mike Mondo says he’s received proposals from over 20 women who are seeking his hand in marriage.

The proposals come days after the radio presenter announced he’d trained his sights on quitting partying life in 2022 and concentrating on starting a family.

Following the proposals, the Classic FM show host now says he is shocked women have flooded his socials with direct messages (DM) indicating they are willing to settle down, and even sire kids with him.

“Two weeks ago I said that I’m finally going to get a wife this year and I want to cut out partying. Right now there’s a total of 21 women who’ve proposed to me and some telling me they are ready to have kids with me,” he explained on his show.

Mondo further wondered aloud the change in attitude by the modern-day lady.

“Ladies when did you become so bold?” he posed.

Mondo is popularly known for his charismatic on-air personality on the Overdrive show which he hosts alongside Terry Muikamba.

The presenter has a unique voice that attracts a wide range of listeners and has at times been compared to radio King Maina Kageni, a colleague on the same station.

“People say I sound like Maina Kageni but I think we just talk in a similar way. People say that a lot, that I am the next big thing or whatever way they put it but I don’t necessarily see myself that way. I see myself as a person who wants to create his own niche,” he explained in a recent interview.