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Radio host Rae Kiragu’s advise on how to bank a higher radio salary

Soundcity Radio presenter Rae Kiragu advised media lovers on how they could bank more salary when looking for radio jobs in Kenya.

In her TikTok video on things she wished people knew about radio, she said radio is a great career, much like others but only that the employees were in the public eye.

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In negotiating preferred salaries, Ms Kiragu gave a few pointers on how one could go about landing their dream salaries.

“Today, we are talking salaries. Now, here is the thing. There is a preconceived notion in this industry that once you get into radio, you should earn your dream salary, and I think it’s because you know who earns your dream salary every single month. And while it may be a definite possibility for you, just like other industries, you might find yourself working from the bottom to get to your way up.

Radio Presenter Rae Kiragu. PHOTO|COURTESY

I’m also going to mention that fame does play a role. Unfortunately or fortunately, it’s a numbers industry, so imagine if you made a name for yourself on a podcast, on a blog or just online, it goes without saying that you will have bargaining power when asking for your first salary.

You could work on it if you are trying to get on to the radio. But without that as well, what I would say worked for me is if you have some really good friends, ask them what the salary range is for someone on your level or slightly higher. When you shoot your shot, you also want it to be realistic.

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Two, make sure you are shooting your shot with a person who can actually help you. I know a friend of mine who was shooting their shot with somebody she realised had no power in deciding their pay.

So make sure you are doing it with somebody that could actually do that for you. The best way to do it is to ask them what you need to do to earn that money; because when you do that, the day when you actually achieve what they told you to achieve, it will be increasingly difficult for them to say no because it’s like they’re going back on their word.

And then have a time limit because people burn out trying to wait for their dream salaries or that okay salary even. Save in the meantime so that if you don’t get that salary, you have an exit strategy sorted out,” said Ms Kiragu.

Prior reports have it that the highest-paid radio presenters in Kenya are Jeff Koinange, Maina Kageni, Mwalimu Churchill, Gidi Gidi and Mbusi, among others. Maina and Kingangi are believed to earn over Sh 1 million a month.

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