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Radio Jambo presenter survives carjacking ordeal

Radio Jambo presenter Annita Raey is the latest journalist to survive a carjacking ordeal in the past few weeks, in the wake of the ever worsening security situation in Nairobi.

Narrating the traumatizing incident, the mid-morning show presenter says she is grateful and lucky to have survived the ordeal.

“I had an incident on Friday when I was going back home late into the night and as a result I won’t be on air for a while. I want to relax a bit and take some time off,” she said.

“My brother and I live in Kinoo and on our way home we got followed (by another vehicle) at some point but we assumed it was just another taxi, so we stopped at around Kinoo bus terminus to grab some food and the same guys were still following us,” she narrated.


Journalists, boxer robbed in Double M hijack

“As I got off the car we saw a number of men get off their car and approach our car, one of them brandishing a pistol. They asked our taxi driver to surrender the car but he refused and instead rolled up the car windows and sped off, only for him to reach a dead end, where they caught up with us.

“They broke into the car and ordered us to sit at the back of the car, and at the back of my mind I thought they would rob us and let us go.

“But the commotion attracted sirens from the neighbours, they decided to take us with them all the way to Ruaka, where they robbed unsuspecting Kenyans as we watched,” she recounted.

The presenter and her colleagues were then dumped off at around Astrol Police Station at 5:30am.

Last week, two journalists were among passengers who were hijacked while travelling in a Double M bus and robbed off their valuables including mobile phones and money.