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Radio presenter Mwakideu pleads for help over Sh1 million medical bill

Radio presenter Alex Mwakideu has appealed to Kenyans to help him save his sister who is admitted at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The Radio Maisha presenter explained on social media that his sister’s medical bill had accumulated to close to a million shillings. She is battling Covid-19 for close to a month.

“My sister Rozina Mwakideu has been in hospital battling Covid-19 for almost one month now. To be honest, Covid-19 is such an expensive affair. She was in ICU for like two weeks. Now she is better and in an isolation ward. Doctors are advising that we discharge her,” he said.

He added that the environment at the hospital is not good for a patient recuperating.

“We are trying to raise 900k so we can offset the bill at the hospital. Get us a concentrator machine for her oxygen and all the medications she needs. We need your support maze. Financially, prayers and all,” Mwakideu shared.

Rozina is the former wife of renowned City pastor and motivational speaker Robert Burale.

The two were married for only a year before Rozinah dumped him claiming she found so many things were not adding up.

Rozinah claimed that even though they were both born-again Christians, there were so many things Burale was hiding from her which put their marriage in jeopardy.

In 2019, the presenter lost both his mother and sister in four months.

Mwakideu’s sister, Emmy Godin, was a recording artiste with songs such as Closer and Good Times. She succumbed to cancer after being diagnosed in 2017.