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Radio presenter Shatta Bway explains why he will not marry again

Radio presenter Steve Jacob Maunda, popularly known as Shatta Bway has revealed his decision not to remarry following the tragic passing of his wife, Rebecca Kukuton, also known as Eva Seoke.

She died on June 25 2023 while receiving treatment at Kenyatta National Hospital.

In a recent heartfelt interview with comedian Dr. Ofweneke, Shatta, who formerly worked at Radio Citizen talked about his journey of healing, his role as a single parent to their two children, and his perspectives on marriage and family.

Reflecting on the grieving process, Shatta shared,

“I can’t say how it has been, I will say how is it because we are still transitioning.”

The loss of his wife prompted a significant shift in his priorities, leading him to step away from his radio show to focus on nurturing his children.

“Among the reasons I quit the radio show was because of the death of my wife. I felt like I needed more time with my children. I looked for a job that is not so demanding. You know as a dad, you are used to delegating things to your wife. Like when the child is sick, you know their mother will take care of that, if it is school, she will follow up but right now, it is you and you. You can’t delegate that to someone else. Now I need to be there for my kids.”

Recalling moments of discord in their relationship, Shatta acknowledged his own shortcomings, particularly his interactions with other women.

“Ati nikae ivi I read a text messsage and smile, she would be like, umeanza… Even when a certain woman would go and like my profile on Facebook, she would question,” he admitted.

Despite the challenges, he cherished the fond memories they shared, underscoring the depth of their connection.

When asked about the possibility of remarriage, Shatta unequivocally declared,

“I will not marry again. That chapter is closed.”

For him, marriage is completely tied to parenthood, and with two children already, he sees no need to pursue it further.

“For what? I already have two children, a boy and a girl. To me, marriage is about kids. Other things I can do even without marrying. If I were to ever get married is when my kids have children. I am still very young. For now, I am not even thinking about it.”

Shatta’s resolve to prioritise his children’s well-being is unwavering, and he remains steadfast in his stance, even in the face of romantic advances from others.

“I get angry when girls flirt with me. I ignore them because most of them don’t know the reality that I am going through.”

Addressing the topic of vasectomy, Shatta expressed his reluctance.

“And about getting a vasectomy, I would not get a vasectomy. Kazi ya Mungu haina makosa.”

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