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Radio stations off-air after pilot crashes plane on transmitters

A young pilot was killed and one woman injured when an aircraft crashed in Limuru on Sunday.

The crash also disrupted broadcasting services of some Nairobi-based FM stations.

The pilot identified as Mr Phinious Koech Kiplimo was alone in the aircraft when it hit the masts and crashed near a home in Rironi area.

Eyewitnesses say they spotted the plane flying low shortly before the accident.

The weather was cloudy and there was fog and light rains, making visibility difficult.

Mr Patrick Mungain, who witnessed the incident, said he heard a loud bang outside his house at around 4pm.

The plane crashed into his son’s house where his daughter in-law and a two-week old grandchild were resting.

“I heard an explosion and saw a big fire. I rushed to the scene and rescued my daughter in-law who was rushed to Tigoni hospital,” he said.

The pilot was flying the aircraft to the Wilson airport from Naivasha when it went down.

Several radio stations owned by Radio Africa Group went off -air after their transmitters were destroyed in the incident.

Police said the pilot contacted the Wilson airport earlier before the plane went down but they did not reveal what he discussed with air controllers or what caused the crash.

SOURCE: Daily Nation