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Raila addresses supporters after Dubai surgery – VIDEO

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga has thanked his supporters after his successful medical procedure in Dubai.

His last-born daughter Winnie Odinga tweeted a video capturing Mr Odinga doing a jig briefly.

She said: “And we’re back! Feeling good and fresh, ready for the game! A special message from @RailaOdinga.”

Mr Odinga on the video thanked his friends and supporters for the messages of goodwill that they sent to him wishing him quick recovery.

“I am feeling very good, great, I am feeling very strong and rejuvenated. I really want to thank all my friends, supporters all our youths who have sent me so many messages of goodwill. It has just been amazing and wonderful, it makes you recover so fast. That is why I am up and about right now,” Mr Odinga said.

Mr Odinga left the country on June 21, for the United Arab Emirates to undergo a minor surgical operation on his back.