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Raila aide tests positive for Covid-19, again

Phil Etale, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Director of Communications, has again tested positive for coronavirus.

He made the announcement on Monday, July 26, 2021, via his social media pages, while further revealing the ailment has caused him to lose his sense of smell and taste.

“I’m battling the second attack of Covid-19 he wrote on Facebook.

“Since Monday last week, my body was acting funny with a deep cough and blocked noses and headache. The doctor then advised me to go for the Covid-19 test, which I did, and the result posted positive,” he wrote.

“This (second) wave is serious. I lost sense of smell and appetite. The body aches are excruciating and unbearable. The headache is severe, and the whole body is tired. The waistline is painful to the extent I can’t wake up to walk. My nights are painful with no sleep,”

It is the second time in four months Etale, whose job description entails interacting closely with opposition leader Raila Odinga among several other politicians, is testing positive Covid-19.

On the other occasion in March, he took himself for testing after his boss tested positive.

Etale’s medical condition comes at a time politicians aligned to both the government and opposition appear to have largely ignored government orders to scale down on political activities, including rallies.