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Raila: I was detained by police at Wanjigi’s house – VIDEO

By NAIRA HABIB October 18th, 2017 1 min read

Nasa leader Raila Odinga has given a blow by blow account of the events during his overnight stay at Jimi Wanjigi’s house, including temporary detention by police.

Mr Odinga told journalists how he was called into a room by a senior police officer, and together with his lawyer, were informed they could not leave the compound which was being regarded as a scene of crime.

“And then I told them, at least in those old days they were decent enough to come with an order, a detention order to tell you that you are under house arrest,” said Mr Odinga on Wednesday.

“When I told him that, he walked out and came back again to tell us you know weapons have been found here and therefore as far as we are concerned this is now a scene of crime. And under the law the scene of crime must be preserved as it is.”