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Raila drops his much-awaited bombshell

Opposition leader Raila Odinga dropped his much awaited bombshell on Wednesday saying Nasa coalition will morph into Nasa Resistance Movement from Friday, October 27, a day after the controversial presidential election.

Mr Odinga said the opposition will embark on a national campaign on defiance starting Thursday, the date set by the IEBC for a repeat presidential election.

“If no justice for the people, there shall be no peace for the government,” he declared at a packed rally at Uhuru Park in Nairobi.

He said the opposition a people’s assembly to ensure Kenya move from dictatorship and back to the rule of law. He said Thursday’s election will be used by the Jubilee government to entrench dictatorship.

“Tomorrow, Uhuru and Ruto intend to actualize the electoral dictatorship they set out to establish on 8 August. Tomorrow, they will defy the ruling of the highest Court in the land, and conduct a sham election that only they can be victors – a coup de tat,” said Mr Odinga.


Mr Odinga, however, repeated his calls to his supporters not to interfere with the voting and instead take time to keep vigil and pray away from the polling stations.

“Therefore do not castigate any person or ethnic community. Don’t look at your brother or sister with suspicion. He or she is as much of a victim as you. If your neighbor supports this two-some, do not insult or assault them. Instead, seek to open their eyes to see the great country we aspire for. Give them the courage to admit the grave injustices we all suffer. Get them to join us in committing ourselves to one struggle, to one destiny.”

“From tomorrow, the duty of every citizen who loves freedom, who respects our Constitution, of every patriot, is to resist dictatorship, and to fight to restore a government established in compliance with the Constitution,” he added.

“By attempting to establish an unlawful government, Uhuru and Ruto have invited us to exercise our sovereign power directly as enshrined in the very first article of our Constitution. The invitation is accepted. From today we are transforming the NASA Coalition into a resistance movement.”

He also maintained that IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati has held hostage by the government.


Mr Odinga said the opposition will not obey any instructions from the government from Thursday. He said they will also give a list of companies benefiting from dealing with Jubilee government whose products Nasa supporters must shun.

“There are many ways of killing a rat,” he said.

Mr Odinga added that the opposition will push for a free and fair election to be held in 90 days. “Every vote must count,” he charged.

He said they have friends from Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, The Gambia, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Botswana, Togo and South Africa who are eager to see a credible election in Kenya.

The opposition chief also warned his supporters against attacking the supporters of president Uhuru Kenyatta.

He said the president’s supporters were also oppressed and that only a few individuals have benefitted from the Jubilee administration.