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Raila is a fake Joshua, his Canaan has plenty of chang’aa – Ruto

Nasa presidential candidate Raila Odinga’s promise to legalise chang’aa among other traditional brews has turned into a pleasant campaign gift to Deputy President William Ruto.

The DP has now taken to branding the opposition leader as a “fake” Joshua.

Mr has promised to be like the biblical  “Joshua” who will lead the Kenyan people to “Canaan”.

But while on a campaign trail in Ukambani on Friday, the DP dismissed Mr Odinga’s biblical narrative.

Mr Ruto argued that a true leader cannot advocate for his people to drink alcoholic brews that have been outlawed in Kenya.

Said Mr Ruto: “The bible teachings explain that Canaan is a place where there was plenty of milk and honey. Now we have another Canaan which another Joshua is talking about. He says he will be taking us there. But then there is plenty of “Chang’aa and Busaa”

Mr Odinga recently promised to legalise the sale of Chang’aa if elected, but insisted the brew will have to pass the mandatory tests before being sold to consumers.