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Raila, Gideon ‘anointed’ as Kenya’s next presidents

Renowned political Herman Manyora has tipped ODM leader Raila Odinga and late president Daniel arap Moi’s son, Gideon Moi, to rule Kenya in the future.

The outspoken University lecturer made the comment while making an appearance on K24 TV’s Punchline show hosted by Anne Kiguta.

He also suggested that there will be a ‘boardroom deal’ between high ranking politicians in the country in the run up to the 2022 elections.

“In 2022, everything (elections) will be a boardroom deal. People will distribute positions and the game has already started,” Manyora explained.

He then added that Odinga, who is the opposition leader but recently closed ranks with President Uhuru Kenyatta, will succeed the latter and then hand over to Moi’s last born son.

“But I want to talk about Gideon Moi. I said that this (2022 elections) is succession part two. Just like Kibaki was needed to occupy that space (Presidency) and keep it for Uhuru. Raila is meant to occupy the same space and keep it for Gideon. You wait and see,” Manyora said.

Manyora also believes there is no space among the hierarchy and line-up for current Deputy President William Ruto.

“You can see that Ruto is now not wanted. They have been giving him signs that he is not welcome. If he doesn’t check that sign, they give him another sign, he is sidelined.”

President Kenyatta has declared that he intends to retire when his second five-year term in office expires in 2022.