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Raila hints on products and services that he wants his supporters to boycott

March 10th, 2023 2 min read

Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Coalition leader Mr Raila Odinga has now given a list of products and services that he will lead his supporters in boycotting starting next week as he intensifies his campaign of defiance against President William Ruto’s government.

Addressing hundreds of his supporters in Migori County on Friday, Mr Odinga said some products and services in the country are being misused by the government.

“Next week, we will give them a notice. Our headquarters will release the press statement to you on which products should be boycotted,” Mr Odinga said.

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The opposition leader hinted that his resistance campaign will also boycott certain food products, newspapers and radio stations.

He also said the Azimio protest will land in Nairobi on on March to push the government of President Ruto out.

Mr Odinga also claimed that they hired some experts from the US who approve that the whistleblower’s dossier was genuine, which he says shows that he won last year’s election.

“The whistleblower, who is working in the commission released the genuine results, which we know. We brought experts from the US who have analysed the dossier and said it’s the truth,” he said.

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Mr Odinga maintains that he won the presidential election with more eight million votes against President Ruto’s five million votes.

He is now calling for the resignation of Ruto’s government for being in office illegally. He says the illegitimate administration must be removed by the people who have power.

After the 2017 General Election, Mr Odinga led a similar boycott campaign against certain products and services, a move that led to the famous Handshake between him and former Head of State Mr Uhuru Kenyatta.

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