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Raila: I asked Uhuru to lower price of unga

Raila Odinga says he asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to lower the prices of maize flour after he toured the country and noticed Kenyans are struggling to afford the commodity.

Odinga who is gunning for the presidency in the August 2022 polls, spoke at a public rally in Naivasha.

“Everywhere I went, people kept on crying about the high cost of unga. I told president Kenyatta about people’s cries. Right now there is a solution. Two kilogram of unga is now Sh100.,” claimed Odinga.

Maize flour is Kenya’s most used commodity as it produces Ugali, the country staple food.

Odinga also accused Deputy President William Ruto, his closest political challenger, of always complaining.

“He always complains about everything. People were suffering but we have brought a solution by reducing the price of unga.”

But Ruto says President Kenyatta’s move to reduce the price of maize flour as a political gimmick.

“Why have they suddenly decided to reduce the cost of unga? Or has the war in Russia and Ukraine ended? If the Head of State is interested in winning people then he would have acted a long time ago,” said Ruto.

The government has announced the price of maize flour will now be Sh100 instead of Sh210.