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Raila: I don’t intend to discriminate against Christians

Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Coalition presidential candidate Raila Odinga has refuted claims that he is planning to discriminate against Christians. The ODM leader has been subjected to sharp criticism for saying that Christianity has been elevated all other religions in the country.

And while his statement has been applauded by the Kenyan atheist community, it has reignited the debate over his religious standing, more so from his political opponents.

Mr Odinga chanced on a pastors’ forum on Friday to set the record straight on his recent utterances. Identifying as an Anglican, Mr Odinga said the State discriminates against Muslims when they are applying for passports and other identity card documents.

“The colonial system was discriminative. Since the Anglican church was the church of the Queen and the governor it was favored at that time. I was just putting this in historical perspective. I did not want to use that comment against the Christianity of today. Somebody has picked that comment and now wants to use it to show that I am trying to discriminate against Christianity,” Mr Odinga said at the Machakos Golf Club.

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka had earlier challenged Mr Odinga to set the record straight on his stand on religion. Identifying as a proud Christian, Mr Musyoka apologized to the Christian community on behalf of Mr Odinga for the damage caused by his recent remarks which he said had raised serious questions on his faith.

Mr Odinga committed to protecting all religions by upholding the constitution if he wins the August 9 General Election.

“Christianity is born in your deeds rather than what you say. You can profess to be a Christian but you are very evil in your own conduct. In that case you are not a Christian,” he said.