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Raila: I want Uhuru’s vote, not endorsement

Raila Odinga says he doesn’t need President Uhuru Kenyatta’s endorsement to succeed him.

In an interview with Radio Citizen on Thursday, July 8, 2021, the opposition leader, who is eyeing a fifth stab at the presidency ahead of the 2022 polls, says he hopes President Kenyatta will vote for him.

“Mimi sitaki niwe endorsed na mtu yeyote. Sitaki endorsement ya Uhuru Kenyatta. Sitaki, kile nitataka ni kura yake tu (I do not want anybody’s endorsement. I don’t want Uhuru Kenyatta’s endorsement. I only need his vote).,” Raila Odinga

Odinga also reminded Kenyans that President Kenyatta was his competitor in the 2013 and 2017 elections before the two agreed to work together.

“Uhuru has not stated that he will endorse anyone and I also don’t want him to endorse me. You know Uhuru was my competitor so how will he endorse me?” he posed.

President Kenyatta has in the past suggested he will back his Deputy William Ruto to succeed him, even though the two politicians have appeared to fall out in recent times.

On Tuesday, Odinga promised to continue ensuring all Kenyans benefit from the handshake through development and equality.

“The fight against corruption, electoral justice, equality, and jobs for youths (were some of the matters we agreed on),” he said while launching construction of the Awendo campus of the Kenya Medical Training College.

He said the college was one of the fruits of the handshake.

“All Kenyans have great aspirations and expectations amidst struggles to make ends meet. Our youth are struggling to clear school fees, secure good jobs, stop depending on parents, start families and, save for the future,” he added.

He also downplayed claims that Deputy President William Ruto aided him in his rise to the position of Prime Minister, saying that he never really helped him as much as he claims.

“Naibu wa rais yuasema amenisaidia kuwa Waziri Mkuu. Yuasema alimsaidia rais Moi na rais Uhuru Kenyatta. Mwaka 2007 tulienda kwa uteuzi nikashinda, Mudavadi akawa wa pili naye wa tatu. Nimteua waziri wa Kilimo, akaamua kujisaidia kibinafsi.”

On Sunday, the second in command said the ODM leader has no moral authority to lecture anyone on the fight against corruption.

While addressing faithful at the Presbyterian Church of East Africa in Umoja on Sunday, July 4, Ruto revisited the 2011 Kazi Kwa Vijana scandal in which the Office of the Prime Minister was implicated for the loss of Sh33 million.

“They accuse me of helping churches, boda boda riders and mama mboga, but they don’t tell you I once helped them until they got big positions in government,” he said.

Ruto was referring to the 2007 General Election where he campaigned for Raila when ran for the presidency against President Mwai Kibaki.

Ruto’s remarks came following the former ODM leader’s remarks on Saturday in Mombasa on how he will deal with corrupt politicians should he become President.

Mr Odinga claimed senior politicians in the country have been stealing billions of shillings that they then donate to churches, women/youth groups for political mileage.

“They are hyenas,” claimed Raila.

“You see them come here in sheep’s clothing and claim they will fundraise for women and youth groups. That is stolen money.”