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Raila: My illness had nothing to do with being poisoned

Opposition leader Raila Odinga on Thursday said he was recovering well from a case of food poisoning and clarified that his diagnosis should not be misinterpreted as have been poisoned.

In a thank you note, Mr Odinga said he was overwhelmed by the prayers, messages, sympathy, love and support from Kenyans after his brief hospitalization.

“Those prayers and messages of love have continued to flow today, many hours after I was treated and discharged. Your prayers worked. I wish to assure everyone that I am fully recovered and ready to hit the road again. We thank God for that,” read the note in part.

Mr Odinga stated that his diagnosis had nothing to do with being poisoned as some people had thought.


“It was a case of food poisoning, which is not the same thing as being poisoned. I know many Kenyans encounter this problem from time to time. It can cause quite a scare and indeed it did to me,” said the former Prime Minister.

He thanked the medics at Karen Hospital where he was hospitalized adding that he wishes the same recovery to other Kenyans who are ailing at this time when the country is facing a major crisis in the health sector.

“I continue to count on your prayers but my thoughts and prayers right now are with the many individuals and families that are also struggling with different ailments in different locations across our country. I am hopeful that with our prayers, God will come through for them as He did for me,” Mr Odinga said.

The Nasa co-principal was taken to the hospital after developing complications related to food poisoning.