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Raila Junior defends sister over Sh50k house help salary rant

The last born of Cord leader Raila Odinga has come out to defend her sister from rebuke over comments she made that have been deemed to be insensitive.

Winnie Odinga had two days ago posted a rallying call to Kenya’s middle – class to pay their house helps sh50,000 monthly salary, a suggestion seen to be out of touch with the harsh economic times.

She quickly became the butt of ridicule on social media.

But her younger brother Raila Odinga Junior rushed to her defence, saying he was glad she spoke her mind and will encourage her to do so. He however did not directly support his sister’s proposition for a sh50, 000 salary to house helps.

“As for the article written by my sister I am glad she spoke her mind and I will encourage her to do so more often. Those quoting one line from the article out of context should read the whole article before commenting,” Raila Junior said on Friday in a Facebook post.

“ Why are we so quick to tear apart ourselves and this country, I know even after posting this some people still will insist on vulgar insults.

“This week I have been shocked by the amount of hate and vulgar tribalism that has been posted online, on both sides of the political divide, is this what we as Kenyans have come to, half the things people say online they aren’t able to say face to face, yet they hide behind social media anonymity.”

Winnie Odinga’s post was a reaction to criticisms leveled against her father who has been leading weekly demonstrations in the city Centre to push for the removal of IEBC commissioners.