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Raila Junior: Music producers let down Ethic on ‘Tarimbo’

Kenyan music producers need to take up responsibility for the bad content being released by young artiste in the local music industry.

This is according to Raila Junior who made the remarks on Saturday following outrage by the online community, after the release of Ethic’s new song called “Tarimbo”.

According to Raila Junior, the song should not even have seen the light of day if the producers and other people working closely with the group were serious enough to check the song.

Junior admitted that he likes the group for their creativity and unique sound that is original and fresh. However, he says, in their latest song, the group appears to have crossed the line.

“In the song the most controversial lyrics are those off the hook sang by Rekles ‘me humwaga Bila ata persmission’ suggestive of ejaculating inside a female without consent has a heavy connotation of rape, this also paired with the groups artist SWAT being shown seated in a lounge with a balaclava may or may not also been seen to construe a burglar in someone’s premises with ladies dancing all around,” Junior wrote on Facebook.

“After listening to the song a couple of times myself as a producer, it’s hard to see how the controversial lyrics passed through all the artists and developers working on the project without being checked,” he further says.


Raila Junior further said he will neither be dancing to the song nor will  he play it.

“Having personally known the band and their manager I shall be reaching out to them on a personal level to help guide and counsel the impressionable young men. I will seek to guide rather than condemn them as I feel they hold the key to reaching what may be an already marginalized and isolated part of society of young urban inner city youth,” he said.

Ethic Entertainment, which comprises four young men namely, Swat, Rekles, Zilladropa and Seska are not new to controversy.

The came to the limelight in 2018 with the release of the equally controversial Lamba Lolo hit.

The phrase ‘Lamba Lolo’ was popularized by shadowy undercover crime buster Hessy Wa Kayole, who often profiles and give dire warning to wanted criminals on social media.

When he used it, it simply meant “You will die”. However, it was corrupted into a slang for fellatio.