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Raila leads Ruto in Infotrak poll

Raila Odinga has opened up a 6 percent lead over William Ruto in the latest presidential opinion polls commissioned by Infotrak.

The poll indicates Odinga, a seasoned politician who is gunning for the presidency for the fifth time,  enjoys a 43 percent popularity rating. Ruto, the outgoing Deputy President, and Odinga’s closest challenger is second at 37 percent.

‘Ganja’ president George Wajackoyah is third with a 4 percent rating.

“Raila has not gained much since our last poll in June. His popularity has increased by one percent and Ruto’s has gone down by one percent from 38 percent last time,” explained Infotrak boss Angela Ambitho.

These results come two days after a similar poll commissioned by TIFA showed Odinga at 42 percent, with Ruto at 39 percent.

Ruto has dismissed the results as fake and doctored.

These findings suggest neither Odinga nor Ruto will win the elections in round one.

The Kenyan law dictates a winning president must garner at least 50% plus one of all votes cast.

Tom Wolf, the lead researcher at Tifa, explained the appearance and rise of either George Wajackoyah of Roots Party or David Mwaure of Agano Party are sufficient to raise the possibility that neither Odinga nor Ruto will secure a decisive win in the first round of voting.

The poll research shows that undecided voters account for 16 percent or 3.6 million voters.