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Raila meets Aisha Jumwa in gender rule debate

By Mercy Simiyu February 27th, 2024 2 min read

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has held a meeting with Gender Cabinet Secretary Aisha Jumwa in a bid to discuss the inclusion of women in politics and government positions.

Mr Odinga, who contested for the presidency in the 2022 polls confirmed the meeting and emphasised the need for enhanced collaborative efforts to fully realise the implementation of the gender rule.

“I held discussions with the multi-sectoral working Group on the Two-Thirds Gender Principle, led by CS Aisha Jumwa. There was consensus that enhanced collaborative efforts are essential for fully realising its implementation as intended,” He said

Aisha Jumwa, in a separate post, expressed gratitude to Mr Odinga for taking the time to meet with the members of the multi-sectoral working group. She explains that President William Ruto had submitted a memorandum to Parliament in December 2022, requesting consideration of a constitutional amendment for the two-thirds gender principle. This led to the establishment of the Multi-Sectoral Working Group (MSWG).

Jumwa details the MSWG’s engagement with the National Dialogue Committee, where they submitted preliminary proposals. The committee recognizes the MSWG’s mandate and forwards the issue to be addressed by them, submitting their report to Parliament for consideration.

The MSWG, consisting of seven elected governors, including Ann Waiguru, Susan Kihika, Wavinya Ndeti, Fatuma Achani, Kawira Mwangaza, and Cecily Mbarire, outlines the G-7 strategy’s objective. Waiguru stresses the importance of positive change in leadership, with a focus on increasing women’s participation in devolution and decision-making.

According to Waiguru, the MSWG has fulfilled its mandate and developed a framework for the implementation of the two-thirds gender principle. She highlights that the insights of all stakeholders, including leaders like Raila Odinga, are crucial for achieving this goal.

The meeting took place shortly after women governors unveiled their 10-point strategy, emphasizing women’s increased participation in devolution, collaboration between women governors and senators, and ensuring good governance and financial accountability.

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