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Raila Odinga’s pledge to single mothers

Raila Odinga has promised to fund single mothers who are jobless to enable them to send their kids to school.

Speaking at a rally in Central Kenya, the Azimio presidential candidate explained he sympathized with the challenges faced by single-parent families.

“There are those women who have children but no husbands, they are called single-parent mothers. They are widows whose husbands passed away. There are those who divorced their husbands. Others were wooed through sweet words got pregnant, delivered but were abandoned,” said Odinga.

“Those women go through a myriad of challenges with the children suffering in the quest for education. Those women will receive help in my government.”

Odinga also promised to improve the road infrastructure in Central Kenya.

“This road that comes from Nairobi-Thika up to Marua, I will continue building the road from Marua to Nanyuki- Isiolo till Addis Ababa.”

Refuting claims that he was giving people fake promises, Odinga who boasted of his experience in the government said: “I know where money is. Where those guys are stealing your money I will seal all loopholes and have sufficient money for the promised projects.”

In 2021, Odinga promised a monthly stipend of Sh6,000 monthly to poor families and the youth in an effort to bridge the poverty gap.

Odinga is, alongside Deputy President William Ruto, considered favorites to replace President Uhuru Kenyatta.