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Raila pays tribute to father Jaramogi on 25th year after death

ODM leader Raila Odinga paid tribute to his father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga with a message to mark 25 years since his death.

Raila on Sunday remembered Jaramogi as a true leader whose acts inspired many in Kenya and Africa.

“Twenty-five years ago today, you left us. But your spirit and selfless actions continue to inspire us in Kenya and millions across Africa. On this day we honour you Jaramogi,” tweeted Raila Odinga.

Jaramogi died on January 20, 1994 and is widely considered the doyen of opposition politics in Kenya.

Other political leaders and KOT also eulogized Jaramogi.

Former CJ Willy Mutunga tweeted; “You are GREATLY missed by all your POLITICAL CHILDREN in Kenya, Africa, and the world over. We shall never stop OUR struggles for a humane, just, ecologically safe, free, equitable, and prosperous PLANET.”

Biko said; “Came to my school year before his death. Told us to never give up, and gave example of him at his age still fighting. I hold that teaching to this day.”

Hanif Mubasher commented; “I was born on 20th Jan 1994 in the ksm aga khan hospital when Jaramogi was brought to the hospital convulsing. All the nurses there referred to me as Jaramogi. I read about him and all the struggles he went through struggling for Kenya’s independence. I’m proud to have that nickname.”

Stephen Mutunga wrote; “Rest in peace, we will always remember you for the good things you did for Kenyans. You fought for our independence.”

Felix Comentai said; “We remember him today as a selfless, dedicated and a resilient Kenyan who offered the interest of this country first before his…..R.I.E.P Jaramogi.”

Clement Police said; “He helped shape the Kenya we have today in very many ways. He always stood for a united Kenya.”

Kj Mpoa tweeted; “He will always be remembered for his great work in this country. He fought hard for our the freedom we are enjoying today as a country. Through his works like ,Not Yet Uhuru, he also unmasked what normal citizens wouldn’t know.”