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Raila’s selfie scoops the front pages

Kenyans on social media have expressed varied opinion over a piece of distinct coverage offered to CORD leader Raila Odinga by the three leading newspapers on Thursday.

Each of the papers, Daily Nation, The Standard and The Star all used the same photo of the former Prime Minister taking “selfie” photos alongside members of the Kenya University Female Student Leaders Association on its front pages on the same day.

The Orange Democratic Movement’s Communications Director Philip Etale believes this occurrence was a mere coincidence, that shows how the PM is popular in the country.

“The photo was taken by our photographer and sent to the print media. The PM sharing such a moment in this digital era with excited youth speaks volumes, am sure all the papers are sold out today,” Etale said.


This development inevitably had social media consumers going into overdrive.

“Clearly, Baba has a new strategic team for his 2017 campaigns. From a communication strategist point of view, this is no coincidence,” Oliver Mathenge wrote on Facebook.

“I think the President having said newspapers are for wrapping meat then somebody somewhere is determined to show him that they shape opinions are are currently doing so in readiness for 2017,” Alex Wachira posted.

“Newspapers are for business… No newspaper sells without Baba on the cover… so what do you expect? The Editors need to explain their RELEVANCE to the Boards that employ them… Over to you!” Awour Ponge commented.