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Raila was not sick, he was just playing politics – Mutahi Ngunyi

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has made sensational claims on opposition leader Raila Odinga’s recent bout of food poisoning.

According Mr Ngunyi, the former Prime Minister was not sick as he claimed.

He termed the overnight hospitilisation of Mr Odinga at Karen Hospital as a sympathy-seeking move.

“Our message to Uhuru is simple. Raila is a reckless, old, jobless man and most men his age are eating potatoes with their grandchildren in the villages. But Raila is still strong but he is also reckless, destructive and calculative,” Ngunyi said in a recent video commentary.


He adds that Mr Odinga cannot change and recommends that President Uhuru Kenyatta changes his tactic in dealing with the opposition.

Mr Ngunyi urges the Head of State to be “mean, vicious and aggressive”.

“If the country falls apart, we will not blame Raila we will blame Uhuru and that is why the man to change, in my view, is Uhuru and his changing of tact right now is a good thing,” said Mr Ngunyi.

Throughout the video commentary,  the students and analyst admit that though they could be wrong, Mr Odinga spined a story.

They state that the crisis in the opposition made Mr Odinga to come up with a diversion.

Watch the video commentary here: