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Raila: We are going back to the streets

Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Coalition leader Raila Odinga has declared that the anti-government protests will resume on Tuesday next week.

Addressing his supporters at Kibra’s Kamkunji grounds after jetting back from a trip in Dubai, Mr Odinga said public engagements will follow failure of bipartisan talks with President William Ruto’s government.

He also noted that the protest had been put on hold to give room for Easter and Ramadhan fasting.

“Christian leaders came to us and talked to us about Easter. Then, Muslims leaders also did the same. This is why we stopped the protests but not because of pressure from Ruto (President) and his people,” Mr Odinga said.

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“So, tomorrow is Saturday, the day after tomorrow is Sunday, the next day is Monday then on Tuesday we go back to the streets,” he said.

Mr Odinga, who is pushing for the lowering of the cost of living alongside other demands by his coalition, said the government has failed to fulfil its promises.

“The cost of living is still high. Salaries are also delayed, this means that the situation might worsen in the coming days,” he said.

His remarks came even after President William Ruto said he will no longer accept to be blackmailed or threatened by Azimio la Umoja.

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Speaking in Bomet County on Friday when he launched the construction of a 75-kilometre road network in Bomet Central, the President said the elections are over, and the opposition should cease politicking.

The President also faulted the Azimio representatives in the bipartisan talks for issuing conditions and pulling out, saying his government will only engage the opposition through Parliament.

“Enough is enough. We cannot allow anybody, irrespective of whatever issues they are chasing to cause violence, to cause chaos, to destroy property, to destroy people’s business on account of them wanting selfish issues,” President Ruto said.

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