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Raila’s aide Philip Etale announces recovery from Covid-19

Orange Democratic Movement’s (ODM) Communications Director Philip Etale has announced that he has recovered from Covid-19 after ten days in isolation.

He shared the announcement on his social media pages on Sunday and also took his followers through his journey as a Covid-19 patient.

Etale was diagnosed with the ailment a day after his party leader Raila Odinga also announced he’d tested positive.

“I decided to make the news public in order to have anyone who had come into contact with me take the test,” he explained.

“I was feeling pain in the joints, headache, fever, (my) body was weak and I had a dry throat. I panicked. I became dull and low. I was helpless.”

Etale, a seasoned journalist, also thanked the public for the support.

“I received thousands of quick recovery messages from friends. I was touched and humbled. Your compassion and care gave me the courage to fight the monster. On Thursday I took another test. The results are out, and I am negative. Today I can confidently say I am healed.”

Etale adds that he considered himself lucky considering the ailment has claimed the lives of very many Kenyans including prominent people.

Odinga meanwhile, is still in self-isolation.